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Características -
Cantidad de países con servidores 4
Cantidad de servidores 120
¿Guarda registros de información? Parcialmente
¿Incluye funcionalidad de desconexión automática? No
Número de dispositivos por licencia 3

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Garantía de Reembolso (Días) : 30
Aplicación Móvil :
Número de dispositivos por licencia : 3
Planes de VPN:

My Expat Network Opiniones de usuarios

En base a 74 opiniones en 2 idiomas
Great Customer Support - 10
Anónimo -
23, 2020

Before installing My Expat Network, I read multiple reviews and rankings. No competitor beat them on actual security issues. A couple claimed faster streaming; but even if true, I seldom stream anything. I simply want to be safe online. I did try a different well-rated VPN first; but when it made my home wi-go go crazy, I could not get any reasonable response to help rectify the problem. My Expat Network is the polar opposite! I’m not digitally sophisticated, so I need help. They not only respond clearly and promptly, but they actually follow up and ask whether I need more help. I’ve never experienced this kind of service from any other tech company. Thank you, My Expat Network. You and your people are amazing!!!

Very Satisfied with the Service - 10
Anónimo -
23, 2020

I am been using My Expat Network for the last 3 months. Very satisfied with the service. Good value for money. Especially customer care always there to help. I am very new to VPN. Guys at VPN helped at every step. Lots of features and the freedom to use it on as many devices at the same time.

Minimal Bandwidth Drop - 10
Anónimo -
23, 2020

I tried one of the other "top-rated" VPN services and the drop in speed brought me down to a crawl. I might as well used dial-up! Switching over to My Expat Network and my VPN speeds have minimal bandwidth drop. Also, I have not had any disconnects, whereas, with the competitor, I would consistently lose my session.

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Calificación: 9.9 / 10

Calificación: 9.5 / 10

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