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FastestVPN es un jugador nuevo, y ya ofrece muchos de los servicios de alta calidad que experarías de un líder de la industria. Con apps para todas las plataformas principales, incluyendo Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Rúters y Kodi, FastestVPN ofrece conexiones de alta velocid...

Feb 10, 2019
FastestVPN Opiniones de usuarios
Feb 10, 2019
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Leaks... Leaks everywhere

Whatever protocol you'd use, your real ISP DNS/IP can be found via / run and dnsleak and browserleaks to name a few... it is disappointing. Of course if you'd expect some anonymity. If you do not care... well, if you do not care, why would you bother to pay for VPN then?

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    F. Kjellberg
    Ene 28, 2019
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    Still leaking your real IP in 2019

    Trust me fastestvpn is not worth your money no matter how deal you'll get. And here's the bottom line why: CONSTANT LEAKING, terrible CONSTANTLY CRASHING app, NO KILL SWITCH for torrenting only for your web browser. Shall I continue? Sure thing, EMPTY PROMISES and FLAT OUT LIES. Yes, I've been in contact with both their customer service (which is one guy, or at least any time talk to them the person is identified as Savvas) and their so called "back office", who never sign off any emails with any names. I was promised times over that they would add new servers (including my country). This was to take place in November 2018 then when it didn't happen, they said before the end of the year 2018. Never happened. Now a month later they are not bothering to reply to this question any more. They also promissed they were working on releasing the new version of the app by the end of the first week in January 2019, that would fix the leak issues. Oh well, no new app and also they are no longer communicating on this issue either. The whole point of buying a vpn service for a lot of people is to hide their torrenting traffic. With fastestvpn the app will freeze without a warning every now and then, but your torrent traffic will keep running as if nothing happened. However, what did happen is that the traffic is no longer redirected through the vpn server but through your actual own IP. I was able to identify this using an IP magnet tool, which sends back the IP address that the torrent client is actually sending out. Sometimes fastestvpn seems to work, but even then you can't connect to about half of their servers. Only around half will work at any given time I've tried. But yeah, sometimes several times a day the service will leak your actual IP, so there is no way I'll recommend fastestvpn to anyone.

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      Ene 25, 2019
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      Worst buy I think I have ever made

      These people probably took a year off of my life. So many problems. So many contacts with them. Very few resolutions (actually I can't think of one that I didn't hash out myself... hard to remember since I probably had 10 separate chains). Some lies. I'll tell you the secret to make it work for you though. 1. Don't use their own apps. 4 devices all with different operating systems.. not a one worked reliably. One caused extreme issues with my system constantly. When they say they will fix it "soon" (clarified to be hours and days on two or three occasions), that is a lie. 2. So you will want to use a 3rd party client.. (I chose OpenVPN but there are options) 3. Then another 3rd party kill switch. (options but VPNKS for me) 4. Then do a search for "DNS leak test".. then you will need "how to correct DNS leaks block-outside-dns". 5. Look into "WebRTC leak prevent", or similar service. 6. But then you still have to trust them to have everything else work, and that they are who they say, and do what they say. With what I observed they are either incompetent, crooks, or spooks... so good luck. YMMV so here are the good things: -reliable once you do all the steps above that they don't tell you about. -Caymen islands jurisdiction (they say) -No logs (they say) -p2p is fine. -Netflix works on some servers supposedly. -Low price. -Fast response... if you use their chat... if it works on your browser. (Usefulness of the chat is another story). -They act professional when corresponding. Stupid yes. Liars yes. but professional... I sure wasn't by the time I left... (but I'm too old to care. I don't believe in being polite when people are pissing you off and say it's just raining... I believe anger is an appropriate response to say "no thank you"). They kept their cool though.

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        Características Descripción
        Cantidad de ubicaciones del servidor (países) 23
        Cantidad de servidores 150
        Cantidad de direcciones IP 150
        ¿Esta VPN guarda registros? No
        Incluye interruptor de corte
        Dispositivos por licencia 10
        Tarifas 4.1 / 5.0
        3 Year Plan
        $ 1.11 /mes
        1 Year Plan
        $ 2.49 /mes
        1 Month Plan
        $ 10.00/mes
        Ariel Hochstadt
        (Ex-Google, orador internacional sobre tecnología)
        Red pequeña, pero muy buena para streaming y descargas de torrents

        Aunque tiene una red pequeña, FastestVPN puede ser una gran elección debido a su privacidad y seguridad, y por muchas de sus características que permiten streaming, descargas de torrents, eludir censura y navegación totalmente anónima.

        4.0 / 5.0
        Reseña detallada de experto
        Ariel Hochstadt
        (Ex-Google, orador internacional sobre tecnología)

        FastestVPN es un jugador nuevo, y ya ofrece muchos de los servicios de alta calidad que experarías de un líder de la industria.

        Con apps para todas las plataformas principales, incluyendo Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Rúters y Kodi, FastestVPN ofrece conexiones de alta velocidad, ancho de banda ilimitado, un uptime del 99,9% y cambios de servidor ilimitados. Tiene incluso servidores para conexiones seguras P2P como descargas de torrents.

        FastestVPN también desbloquea Hulu.

        Tiene cifrado AES de 256 bits sobre OpenVPN, software que cumple con los estándares de seguridad más altos y un cifrado de nivel militar. Tiene un bloqueador de publicidad y un cortafuegos NAT integrado, lo cual constituye una capa de seguridad adicional que bloquea todo el tráfico entrante no solicitado, incluyendo software malicioso. Lamentablemente, no tiene desconexión automática - una desventaja para aquellos cuya principal preocupación es la privacidad.

        Su política de privacidad es buena, ya que no guarda ningún registro ni monitoriza tus actividades.

        El único factor limitante de esta VPN es el tamaño de su red de servidores. Tiene servidores en 14 países, lo cual es una cantidad decente si sólo quieres utilizar la VPN con fines sencillos, pero si necesitas varias IPs diferentes este servicio no es el ideal para ti.

        Sus planes mensuales pueden ser ligeramente caros, pero tiene varias ofertas para ayudarte a ahorrar dinero. Si optas por su oferta a cinco años durante tiempo limitado, el servicio sólo te costará 1$ al mes. Además, puedes conectar hasta cinco dispositivos con una sola licencia, lo cual también te ahorra dinero. Los pagos se pueden realizar a través de tarjetas de crédito, PayPal y Bitcoin.

        Tiene chat 24/7, por lo que si te surge alguna complicación pueden resolvértela al momento. También puedes contactar con el equipo de soporte técnico por email en

        • Cifrado AES de 256 bits
        • Soporta OpenVPN
        • Cortafuegos NAT
        • Bloqueador de publicidad
        • Altas velocidades, ancho de banda ilimitado
        • Garantía de reembolso de 7 días
        • Cinco conexiones simultáneas
        • Empieza con FastestVPN ahora
        Garantía de Reembolso (Días): 7
        Aplicación Móvil:
        Dispositivos por licencia: 10
        Planes de VPN:
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